About us

Founded in 1956, Boulton Lane is a small Baptist Church serving the community of Alvaston in Derby.  We are informal, relaxed and flexible. We belong to the Baptist Union of Great Britain and are a community built on showing and sharing the love of God

Mike Lowe is our full-time Minister and has been with us since 2007. He is also the Baptist Chaplain at Derby University. Prior to ministry Mike trained as an artist and illustrator.  He then worked as a professional visual communicator for ten years designing and producing for screen and print. He enjoys the continued use of those skills in his ministry and has finally returned to his painting. He is married to Lisa and has two boys, Josh and Oli.

This is an exciting time at Boulton Lane as we contine to make connections with the community. There are many things we want to do so if you think you can help us please get in touch.

Regular groups
Tuesday Girls Brigade: Tuesdays 6-7.15pm
Knitting club – please see dedicated page
Film Club – please see dedicated page
Lunch Club – please see dedicated page
Computer help – please see dedicated page

Our regular church activites are listed below.
Sunday worship: 10:45am
Holy Communion: Second Sunday
Messy church: Last Sunday
Journeys: 10.30-11.30am Thursdays

Our Mission Statement
May we continue to remember and support the hungry, the homeless,
the marginalised and those in poverty.
May we not be afraid of the future. May we be ready to action the plans
you have for us.
May we have joy in our heart, May we be creative and inspiring to those around us.
And may we live each day doing our best to make it on earth as it is in heaven.

In 2015 creator God –
May we be energised and excited by the Good News of Jesus
May our ministry always speak your name
Grant us your wisdom as we continue to build your Kingdom
Bless our new ventures as we step out in faith
Help us to be ready for the unexpected ways in which your Spirit will move
May we not limit the ways your love can work through us
And may we always be present to your presence Amen

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