Computer drop-in

Boulton Lane Baptist Church is running a computer drop in session on Mondays 11-12.30pm Mondays, open to anyone. We offer one to one training, tailored to individual needs. Also we can help with hardware problems

The drop in was made made possible through the award of a £2300 national grant from the Baptist Union of Great Britain of which Boulton Lane is a member. ‘Mission Project’ grants are awarded to enable churches make a real difference to their community.

Simply turn up on Mondays 11-12.30pm at the church. All equipment is provided and a donation of £1 per person is asked each week to help cover costs.

Call Maureen on 01332 751397 for further details.

Mike Lowe, the minister of Boulton Lane said “There’s no doubt we live in a digital age. While many people find it easy to embrace all this technology others just sigh, unable to grasp what it is all about. One of the real benefits computers bring is the ability to communicate; building and nurturing relationships in new ways. Being able to see and comment on what your friends have been up to today on facebook or emailing a great photo to family members are just two ways this can be done. While on-line relationships will never replace the real thing, they can provide real fun, laughter and support. The classes are aiming to give people real confidence when it comes to computers and the internet. Jesus told us to ‘love one another’ and new technology can help us to do this in new ways”.

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