Posted by: mikebackup | February 25, 2016

Food Bank newsletter 2016

With Easter nearly here, the Food Bank’s third Birthday in February and Christmas only two months ago it felt right to use these important markers of each year to reflect. In the Bible we read in the first of Paul’s letters to the Corinth Church ‘For there are these three things that endure: Faith, Hope and Love, but the greatest of these is Love’. That line holds an eternal truth about it and it is so encouraging that due to your generosity our food bank is able to live by that truth.
Firstly, Christmas 2015 was the Bank’s most ambitious yet and thanks to great generosity and organisation we provided nearly 100 Christmas hampers, nappies, clothing and other gifts to the families and individuals we support through Sure Start and Refuge. That was in addition to ensuring everyone received their normal parcels of food and household items.

February saw the third Birthday of the Food Bank and with approximately 5000 food parcels given out, the many people who have attended the money course and Job club and the way we have been a listening ear to so many people we can definitely celebrate a significant ministry of faith, hope and love. March sees Easter arrive early and we are ready again to provide not only food but the hope that Easter brings. Each family will receive a ‘Real Easter Egg’, a Fairtrade chocolate egg which explains the Christian understanding of Easter. That time will also see Rev Mike Lowe move from the area to follow a calling to be the Baptist Union’s Communication Enabler. For the moment Mike will remain as the Food Bank’s communicator as well. This is so he can remain connected to what is happening on the ground and pass that on to a wider audience. After all, real stories of faith hope and love are what we all need to hear about.

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