Posted by: mikebackup | July 29, 2014

Food bank and money course newsletter – July 2014

Please see  the latest newsletter for you to email on, print and share. It’s an exciting time as we get ready to start the money courses so please let people know about it.

To print and share click the following PDF – FoodBankNewsletter_July2014

Text format:

On 18th September at Sure Start and Boulton Lane Baptist Church the next step in ACT’s developing ministry will be taken. The Christians Against Poverty Money Course is a nationally recognised way to help people to create and balance a budget. The courses are not just for those with financial issues – they are for anyone who wants a strong grip on personal finances. For Christians they are a way to ensure they are being excellent stewards of what they are gifted with. The small group courses are also safe places where people can share stories, good advice, listen and empathise.

The basic principle of the budgeting is very simple, the course then helps people work through what that will mean for them and the changes needed. Many people can testify to the way the course has changed their lives for the better and now don’t have sleepless nights about their financial position. A further benefit of the CAP Money Course is if someone can’t balance their budget and pay off any debts, they will be able to access CAP Money Plus. This is an Internet based debt counselling service from Christians Against Poverty.

The plan with the courses is that they will repeat regularly and be open to anyone. Regardless of your financial position or how well you do or don’t budget please sign up to one of the courses. They will help you reflect and you may be able to pass on some much needed advice to someone else as part of the group discussions. The course will run for three 90 minute sessions and will include delegate packs, online tools and refreshments. The details for the first courses are as followed and to join please contact Mike on 07950036019.

Sure Start
Dates and times: 18/09 at 13:30, 25/09 at 13:30, 02/10 at 13:30.
Osmaston/Allenton Sure Start Children’s Centre, 60 Cockayne Street North, Allenton, Derby, Derbyshire, DE24 8XB

Boulton Lane Baptist Church
Dates and times: 18/09 at 19.00, 25/09 at 19.00, 02/10 at 19.00.
Boulton Lane, De24 0AY

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