Posted by: mikebackup | May 9, 2014

Food bank newsletter May 2014

Food bank prepares for money budgeting  as Parliamentary Inquiry asks for our help

As the food bank expands our influence is growing

The All Christians Together Food Bank will shortly have ten Christians Against Poverty Money Course Coaches. Working with our Surestart partners the food bank will be offering the money budgeting course from September. The course is delivered over three two hour sessions and it is hoped strong interest will enable the course to be on a rolling program. The course is for anyone, not just those who are aware they need help balancing their finances. We all need to be good stewards of our money and this course will provide the tools to enable your finances to work the best they can for you. Also, attending the course enables free access to CAP Money Plus if your budget does not balance and you need support. A dedicated team will work with you and your creditors. Please contact Rev Mike Lowe on 07950036019 or if you wish to book on the free course.

There is currently a Parliamentary inquiry into hunger and food poverty. The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Hunger and Food Poverty was established by Frank Field MP and Laura Sandys MP in October 2013, in order to proactively investigate the root causes behind hunger, food poverty and the huge increase in demand for food banks across Britain. Following submission of information about our bank, the inquiry has contacted us for further information on the reasons why those using the bank need our support. As we use a referral system Surestart is collating the relevant information ready to be sent to the inquiry. It is hoped our information will be a valuable addition to the final report which intends to pose a series of key questions to each of the political parties in the run-up to the next general election about how they will respond to rising hunger and food poverty in this country.

Finally, our food bank is assisting another Surestart centre in establishing a food bank in another part of Derby City. The successful way we operate, despite the challenges, has been inspiring and we are working with them to hopefully emulate the way we support those in need. The CAP course, the Parliamentary inquiry and helping to create a new food bank illustrates the force for good we have created. Please continue to support it.

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