Posted by: mikebackup | May 29, 2013

Food bank news – May 2013

A hand up not a hand out – A common concern can be put to rest

Our second six week block finished on 23rd May and the number of parcels given out was well over 100. The support given also included regular parcels to support the work of Simran Sandhu  – Alvaston’s Community Support Worker who is based in Alvaston Library. A small number of emergency bags were also given out by a number of the seven churches that are now supporting the project
A frequent comment people make is the concern that those we are supporting do not become dependent on our giving. The answer to that is that the basis of this project is ‘a hand up not a hand out’. We ensure that a professional support worker who knows a family or individual well has discerned a need before short term help is given. Those support workers are then pro-active in providing ways out of their difficulties whilst they are receiving help. To date that has been working, and a good example is one family who we have helped came and visited church to express their gratitude, that it helped bridge the gap and they no longer needed help.

Going forward into our next six week block, we will be supporting 20-25 families and further need will be considered by having conversations with local health visitors, midwives and schools. There is no doubt that the food bank will increasingly be in demand as changes to social welfare start to take effect. Our help up has come at the right time and so please continue to support the project and bring genuine relief to those in need.

Knitting class gets started
The last six weeks has seen the start of our knitting class at Surestart when we we run the food bank. As expected it has been a quiet start, but people have come each week and one knitter has already joined our regular knitting group as a result.

PDF version: FoodBankNewsletterMay2013_v1.0

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