Posted by: mikebackup | June 1, 2012

Since the 19th May I have mostly…

Day off, Josh had a gala in the evening and swam very well.

A reflective service today that considered the recent tragedies in Derby.

Computer class was maxed out, about 16 of us including helpers and that meant a very lively morning. We can’t take more than that, we only just coped today!

Broadway Parent and toddlers was good fun as always, we made personalised bunting. GB later on where we’ve been exploring the whole idea of the jubilee.

I worked on various things later in the day, but the middle part of the day was spent creating a new patio. I moved all 74 slabs and laid 3 tonnes of gravel!

Journeys in the community room in the morning was well attended while later on at Broadway we worked together decorating the hall ready for Messy Church.

I met Chris Duffet at the prayer meeting to kick off his tour of the EMBA and was a good morning. Later it was Jubilee themed Messy Church and that went well and was good to see new faces that I had invited.

Day off enjoying the weather.

Family parade service was quiet but that was fine. Then a family BBQ before our evening service continued the Pentecost theme. I also visited a member who has severe family difficulties at present.

Computer class was again very busy and I’m very grateful for our new helper Adrian who really knows his stuff. I then had two difficult home visits.

I managed an early 9 holes of gold with Dad which was great. Girls Brigade was in full Jubilee mode and we started preparing for Sunday. I also visited Trevor who has just had a hernia operation.

The main thing today was the getting together of the local clergy at Boulton Lane for lunch, catch up and sorting out some ecumenincal business. This went well and we have our summer services sorted out.

All over the place today! I started with picking up Maureen and going to Alvaston Baptist Church to meet with the Police, Council and other Deacons with regards a serious situation. Afterwards I dropped Maureen off at a centre for which she supports someone, had two long pastoral chats and then visited one of our new computer course ladies who needed help. Later on I turned up to do my wedding prep classes to find they were moving house! I helped them do that instead. I then went to drop Broadway’s Jubilee Bibles off to find no-one in a the house I had organised. So I went to the church and spent some time with my normal Thursday night group!

The interesting part of today will be the setting up for the Jubilee lunch. Weather forecast is not good so I’ve got to be very creative in the main space!

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