Posted by: mikebackup | May 18, 2012

Since the 11th of May I have mostly…

Well here’s my past week’s diary of stuff I’ve been doing. I thought there were enough items of interest to post it!

I was at the Derbyshire Baptists prayer time and AGM. We’re clearly at a junction in Derbyshire Baptist life and I pray God’s preferred route is taken.

Busy day! In the morning I shared with Boulton Lane my reflections on Luke 10.1-12 and presented my vision for the future – . I was at Broadway later on where we continued with stop motion animation and that has been great. What they did the first time is here: . Then a Deacons meeting where it was good to have Stepheney on board.

It was Computer class in the morning, which is seeing growth at the minute, mainly due to the banner being seen outside church. Another person is starting next Monday. Ktog after and then prep time, including a lot of thought and getting together of items for the Jubilee.

I spent the day at my old work again, very good time away from ‘normal’ duties and raising money for church. It was GB later on and then I visited a new congregation member who has been coming since Easter.

‘Journeys’ in the morning with ‘Love Wins’ still going well, it’s a very good book at simply introducing well-trodden theology, like different views of the atonement. I spent part of the afternoon putting 50 of my Jubilee goodie bags together which include a souvenir New Testament Bible. In the evening it was my first wedding prep class and we got a good way down the road of crafting the service. I’m anxious about it, mainly because of first time nerves and the desire to make it right. 

NAM time, various prep including getting ready for Sunday.

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