Posted by: mikebackup | April 20, 2012

Since Easter I have mostly been…

Well I’ve not posted my diary for a while, don’t want to bore people. Anyway I felt like putting it up this week!

Day off included a good trip up to Manchester for my Niece’s Birthday.

Easter Day was great, my reflection is here: . Afterwards we went to my Mum and Dads for Easter lunch and an egg hunt!

We then had the rest of the week off, though there was pastoral support needed and Lisa I did go and spend a couple of hours at church doing jobs we don’t normally get chance to do. The pastoral support was for a congregation member whose Sister eventually died on the 14th. I’m going to Droitwich to take the funeral next week.

We had the morning off and cooked for my Mum and Dad. Later in the day I was at Broadway where we had a successful evening doing stop motion animation with plasticine characters!

Computers restarted with new faces and I also stayed for the start of knitting where I had a number of good conversations. Prep the rest of the day and I had lots of it, all sort of things through the week.

Very busy, over at Sutton in the Elms for a NAM day looking at conflict, then GB, then a meeting with a prospective new church plant that want to use our building, a pastoral visit, then to Shepshed to see a friend!

I spent the middle part of the Day doing a Chris Duffett style thing in the coffee shop at the Uni. I offered free drinks and greeting cards!

‘Journeys’ in the morning, where people are getting into ‘Love Wins’. I went to senior GB at Broadway in the evening and took the Wii.

NAM day and also trying to get lots of small jobs out the way.

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