Posted by: mikebackup | March 5, 2012

Boulton Lane’s Mile March for Sport Relief – sponsor us!

This year at Boulton Lane, we’re doing a mile march in aid of Sport Relief (you don’t have to march, strolling will be fine!). Anyone can join us on the day, so if you can please come along and take part. If not, please make a donation instead at:

For those I see regularly I have a sponsor form waiting for you.

The fun begins at 10.45am on Sunday 25th March for Sport Relief themed family worship. Then at 11.15am we will all march out of Boulton Lane to raise much needed money for people living unimaginably tough lives both at home in the UK and across the world’s poorest countries.

We really need your help to smash our fundraising target. And since you’re already here, looking so kind and generous, we’re very much hoping you’ll sponsor us.

£10 could give a person in the UK living with dementia, and their carer expert advice on improving their quality of life.

£50 could feed 100 vulnerable children living on the streets of India for a day.

£100 could provide a young person in Nepal with a grant to start up their own small business to help them escape the dire poverty they face on the streets.

£300 could pay for two trained workers to go onto the streets at night and offer crucial support to young people at risk of sexual exploitation within the UK.

£500 could provide a young person who’s taking care of a sick relative in the UK with one-to-one support for a whole year.

£1,000 could transform the lives of a whole community living in the slums of Kenya by giving them permanent access to clean water.

Thank you for all your support – and feel free to give yourself a big pat on the back!

Donate here:

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