Posted by: mikebackup | February 24, 2012

From the 11th to the 24th February I have mostly…

Day off

Worship looked at Naaman, sermon here: . It was good to have a visiting family.

Computer course was busy and included someone new who had seen my new banner. The rest of the day was spent preparing the material for Journeys, looking at same sex relationships.

Time was spent with the family visiting the new dinosaur exhibition at Leicester Museum along with their other works. It’s great for free! We then went and spent some time with my Mum and Dad. Calls and prep later in the day

Middle part of the day was film club. Twenty came and that included new faces. We now have 100 young people on the books!

No Journeys in the morning, so I continued looking at the same sex material and Boulton Lane’s history. Alpha in the evening had a good feel about it. I hope that continues.

I had time to go to Conkers with the kids. Spent the rest of the day working on the Journeys pack.

Day off. Josh and I went and saw 3D Star Wars!

Sunday morning we looked at the transfiguration , sermon here: . Later in the day I was at the young persons’ group at Broadway where we set up their new website, chaotic as I brought masses of equipment including five laptops but we got there in the end!

Computer class in the morning was a bit quieter than usual, which enable one on one tuition for everyone. The rest of the day was spent mainly on prep for Sunday. This included the history where I have produced a graphic timeline (it will be on the site shortly) and also an activity involving beads which has proved long and difficult to do!

Broadway Parent and Toddlers in the morning which of course involved pancakes. In the afternoon I went shopping for the new church fridge and pastoral calls. GB in the evening which involved pancakes and looking at lent. I included material available at .

I spent some time painting in the morning before going to the University. I’m having good conversations with the students there. Randomly this time I was chatting with a French girl over here for a couple of weeks improve her English! Pastoral calls and prep the remainder of the day.

The first Journeys session on same sex relationships went well. We got as far as reflecting on Genesis 19 (again material will be on the site shortly). Maureen and I then had a meeting with someone looking to hire the building. Turns out she’s a member at Shepshed Baptist Church! I then installed our new fridge and got rid of the old one. Later in the day I helped make pancakes at Broadways with the older GB group.

NAM studies in the morning. Lunch with Lisa at Conkers in the afternoon and service prep later.

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