Posted by: mikebackup | February 10, 2012

From the 4th-10th February I have mostly…


Alton Towers was great. Josh was due to be in a Gala in Leicester Saturday night but got snowed off.


Here’s the great irony. There had been much thinking over what to do on this Sunday. In the end the snow had decided for us! We couldn’t get out and the neither could the visiting preacher so worship was cancelled!


Computer class had a strong turnout and a good feel. I worked on prep the remainder of the day.


We made Valentine’s cards at parent and toddlers which went down well. Minister’s lunch early afternoon at Alvaston BC. GB at night was a bit manic as all the new uniform had arrived.


Monthly lunch club at church was again a place where many good conversations happened. It has a different feel to other activities which is a good thing.


Journeys looked at divorce and remarriage – a difficult area for Christians. Pastoral calls in the afternoon and GB at Broadway at night.


NAM studies and service prep. I’m really enjoying Alan Roxburgh’s ‘Missional, God in the neighborhood’. It has a brilliant contextual Bible study on Luke and how that relates very closely to the reality we face in church today.

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