Posted by: mikebackup | January 20, 2012

From the 7/1/12 to 20/1/12 I have mostly…


Day off.


Good turnout for the first normal service of the year. We looked at the opening verses of Genesis. My sermon notes and supporting clips can be found here:


Computer course in the morning and prep the remainder.


Busy day, Broadway parent and toddlers in the morning where there were some good conversations. Then straight to the crem to take a funeral. Then an afternoon breather before  GB at night.


NAM college day, Good to meet up with everyone. Good food for thought in the seminars which were based on spiritual survival and theological reflection.


Journeys in the morning where the subject of ‘God and sex’ was well discussed! Messy church meeting later on where good ideas flowed.


Prep day and some gardening with Lisa!


Day off and a good effort made to get the chores out of the way so the rest of the day was clear.


Sunday service focused on Samuel and Eli, see sermon notes here: . The Church meeting bring and share went well. It kept to time (90mins – a record) and the formal feel had gone which was great. There were no comments when it came to set the next one so off we go!


Computer course saw a new person come along which was good and we’ll see them again. Later I had my Broadway review and that will carry on as it is going, good things are happening.


Prep day followed by GB in the evening.


I returned to my old place of work for a traditional 9-5 day. I made good money for church! 


Journeys in the morning, which focused on singleness and included an adult conversation on sexual frustration and masturbation which doesn’t often happen in church! Alpha at night and everyone came back and John joined Joy which was great.


Prep day and I have a lot of prep at the minute. Over the next 9 days I have 3x services, 2x Girls Brigades, 2x book group, 1x Messy Church, 1x parent and toddler group. I’m very glad I got out of doing a funeral I was asked to do in the week.

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