Posted by: mikebackup | December 16, 2011

For the last two weeks (2-16th Dec) I have mostly…


Various admin and prep in the morning and evening. Out with Lisa in Burton in the afternoon


Had an enjoyable Christmas quiz night in the evening though probably the last one I’ll do for a while. We’ve done enough of them.


One of those steady Sundays!


Computer class in the morning, and then helping out at home as Oli and Lisa were both off ill.


Sorted out the egg delivery then ran parent and toddlers at Boulton Lane. Nipped back home for a bit before returning to do GB


Was due to be at the Uni but ended up at the dentist instead with a chipped tooth! In the evening I attended a local Alvaston residents meeting and persuaded them and the councillors to give GB £500 which will go towards uniform.


Journeys in the morning followed by the ministers’ meeting which was a good time. Broadway GB in the evening.


Very helpful mental health training at Mind courtesy of Jo Reagan (the Minister at New Baptist Church). Looked at the ways we can best assist those with mental health issues, something that is becoming at real need at Boulton Lane.


Up to Manchester to visit family which was great.


A quiet and reflective Sunday morning, lots of difficult things shared. Good time in the afternoon with the annual pub Christmas dinner, 22 came! At YPF (young person’s group at Broadway) in the evening and looked at various contemporary and entertaining reflections on Christmas.


Computer class in the morning where I introduced an iPad to an 80 year and she liked it! Visited young Mia in the afternoon who has made an amazing recovery after her major operation to remove a tumour.


Broadway toddlers in the morning, where I agreed to be Santa next week! GB in the evening where the older ones had a pampering night and they really liked it.


Christmas lunch club at church which was very nice and well attended. Good conversations as well.


Journeys in the morning where we completed Richard Foster’s ‘Celebration of Discipline’. It has been a significant book for us all. Setup for the world record carols attempt afterwards. Got a call from Radio Derby in the afternoon wanting me to talk about the world record attempt Sunday morning. It will mean going to the studio and an early start!


NAM studies and catching up, I’ve not been at home much!

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