Posted by: mikebackup | December 2, 2011

For the past week (25/11-1/12) I have mostly…

Prep day across a range of things. Pub lunch with Lisa and chasing across the countryside looking for a piano shop that has actually shut!

Felt a bit out of sorts on my day off, couldn’t really work out why. However, I perked up at Josh’s swimming Gala where he did very well.

Really good family service with both GB and Guides present, meaning 42 children and 29 adults. Evening service was good too, even though it was just the same few. Has made me think about not wanting to drop it. Both services looked at Isaiah 64.1-9.

Computer class in the morning then helped Dad as he continued to help put together church’s new outdoor storage box. It has been a big job! Later I worked on the quiz night and next Sunday’s worship.

Created calendars and Christmas cards at Broadway toddlers, then back for more prep on quiz night and worship. In the evening we started rehearsing the carol service performance with GB.

Prep and admin in the morning, then Prose at the Uni, then putting up the curtains and the storage box at church. It was great doing it with Lisa, the boys, Mum, Dad and Maureen.

Journeys then quiz night set up and finally finishing the storage box! First Alpha session at night which went well.

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