Posted by: mikebackup | September 10, 2011

On week beginning the 11th September I shall mostly…

Many people that I speak to that are not church goers wonder what I do all week as a minister – ‘Sunday morning eh? tough life!. Well to show what I do and also for practical reference I’m going to start putting up my main appointments through the coming week. This week…

AM – Boulton Lane service
PM – Young persons group at Broadway

AM – Visit Hanyside retirement home and organise the worship I shall be starting next week. Then Computer course at Church.
PM – Start buying various items for church as agreed last week. I will also look at forthcoming services and the quiz night.

Mainly start the church decorating.

Journeys prep, then NAM college day until late in Manchester. (I’m a newly accredited minister and have a formal learning contract, mentorship and have to attend a number of college and association days).

AM – Journeys
PM – Messy Church Meeting at Broadway

NAM study and service/quiz prep

Day off – ish

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