Posted by: mikebackup | October 1, 2010

Ktog celebrate with call for more wool and knitters

Ktog are celebrating their first birthday on Saturday October 9th. Over the past year the group has knitted hundreds of items for various charities including Algeria Action, Knit-a-square and Loving Hands. They have also knitted items for neo-natal units and a special scheme for Leicester prison whereby a knitted teddy is given to young children to look after. Many children are very distressed when it is time to leave after visiting their Dad in prison and this scheme is trying to help reduce that distress.

Ktog is open to anyone, knitters and those that would like to learn. Wool and needles are provided but the group is using this opportunity to call on local people for donations of wool. They would also like more people to join either the Monday afternoon or Thursday evening group to help grow the community and in turn knit more items for charity. Lisa Lowe, the co-leader of the group said “Over the past year Ktog have been able to help some of the poorest and vulnerable people both in this country and abroad. Not only that, the group itself is a place where great friendships are made which has made Knit Together a valuable community project that we want more people to know about.”

If you would like to come along to the birthday celebration, visit the group or make a donation please call Maureen Upton on 01332 751397 or email

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